E!njoy the Beauty of SpringEnjoy the Beauty of Spring

I'm so thrilled, my illustration with the title is being featured on the site of They Draw and Cook. Many thanks for it, dear Nate and Salli. 

​I hope you like it!

Nautical watercolor challenge

As an experiment I wanted to paint unusual things. Okay, these are unusual just for me, because I normally paint plants and flowers. I painted 30 days long things, they are bound to the water. These are fishes, starfishes, sea urchins, 

Enjoy this challenge

​Spoonflower Design Challenges​

As you know I would like to expand my pattern collection and a challenge can be perfect. The last time I've submitted a pattern with female figures with the title We are women, we are amazing. This artwork got 113 votes and become 46th place. Yeah, it means a lot. 

Another time I've submitted a diamond pattern for the Maximalist folk challenge with Hungarian folk motifs. I'm so proud of that pattern, although it hasn't got so many votes, I've learned a lot while creating that artwork. 

Maximalist Folk spoonflower design challenge, Hungarian folk motifs, roses, doves

My 100 Day Project

I think you have heard about the worldwide challenge.
First I created smaller projects and participated in 10 or 30-day challenges, but sometimes I gave up those journeys for different reasons.
BUT in 2020 I thought, that year would be different, something magical and that's why I started a 100-day challenge. I knew it would be very hard to find the time to do that or to be in the mood of creating something. But I wanted to draw better and I wanted to be a better botanical drawer to get closer to my dream of being a botanical artist.
Here you can see my journey with my drawings. In 2020 I drew and shared my drawings on Instagram. Now I would like to share the whole collection with the world and with you.
I love drawing real plants or flowers, but sometimes I did not have anything around me and I drew plants from books. I know exactly which plants were in books because I do not enjoy drawing after pictures. I love touching the plants, I love feeling them, and I enjoy smelling them.
If I can hold the plants in my hand I feel that particular plant and this feeling gives me a better interpretation and it allows me to make a better illustration.
To be honest, sometimes I hated this challenge but after some time I felt that drawing became easier and less time-consuming and I began enjoying the process of drawing.
You might like my journey or not but I encourage you to be a part of this big society in which members do something for themselves for 100 consecutive days. After that 100 days, you will get a better understanding of yourself and you will master something. Just give it a try! 

If you are interested, you can check out my journey on Instagram. You find this project between the highlights. 

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